Top 5 Cards Can Combo With Heal Cards

Clash Royale is one of the real-time strategy game can most of the people get addictive during the short period.

Sometimes the clash Royale game will not be available on the play store due to some problem. Instead, people start downloading the clash royale android apk to install the game on their Android devices.

Top 5 Cards Can Combo With Heal Cards

Continuously, Clash Royale release new features and functions to their users. Hence now the new cards and new excitements. Below are the cards people can get the more hitpoints from the heal.

* Balloon
* Lava Hound
* Royal Giant
* Giant
* Sparky

Balloon – Lava- Loons is dominant decks in the current meta, But heal have a capability to make this deck harder to deal with it. Now the balloon option with heal card will give hard enough to reach the opponent’s crown tower.

Ensure you have the nap balloon icon on the deck draft. If you don’t have the heal spell, at least it will prevent the opponent from this powerful combo.

Lava Hound – When compared to the Heal card people can get the best combo along with the Balloon, Classic Lava, Flying Troops. At particularly, Lava Hound card will help the user to absorb damages from other troops.

In a combo of Heal and Lava, it will be harder to damage or kills the troops. Before going up against the lava hound, you should deploy your troops strategically.

Royal Giant – Even though receiving a deploy time, the royal giant players face the difficulty to find the way to attack.

But people able to alive their troops with the help of heal cards. This Royal Giant features which are allowed to lock the opponent tower for a period.

Giant – By combo of Giant, Heal people can support their troops and able to hold the fighting on the opposite side of an arena. But you can leave the giant potentially, with good health to sneak a few punches on the Crown tower.

Sparky – Despite, sparky users available, someone has least played due to the fact, and that is easily countered. But Heal card able to make Sparky pushes lethal again.

With the help of additional HP for Sparky and its troops supports easily, able to lead the few more Sparky and potentially, it will reach the crown tower.

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