LinkedIn Advertising: A Great Advantage

Most of us take to Google for advertising and sometimes also include the platform of Facebook too, but the use of LinkedIn is not that popular when it comes to advertising. It is not because LinkedIn doesn’t provide much scope for advertising, but it is due to our ignorance about the platform. If you dig in deep you will know that it provides ample scope for advertising, but the only thing is that we need to explore it. There are loads of benefits that LinkedIn provides for advertising on its platform.

LinkedIn Advertising

Most importantly, it is effective for business to business industries. It is mainly because it has the ability to target professional groups specifically unlike other social networking platforms which doesn’t have a professional approach. Users visiting the pages on LinkedIn comes with a professional mind set to explore the contents of the page and look forward to receiving of business messages. No personal messages are entertained out there. You can also make use of the option where you can buy LinkedIn followers for your page in order to make it popular too.

Demographic based advertisement

The best part of advertising in LinkedIn is that it allows the users to target their ads to the users based on industry, seniority or maybe particular LinkedIn group. You can even specifically target your ads to VP of marketing, making the advertising even more efficient. This is done to reach out the people directly whom you have targeted at your market. When you are specifying the ads based on demographics, then it is quite natural that your ads will be designed to suit the taste of the targeted market and it will be much more effective too. You can Purchase Linkedin Connections to improve business in linkedin.

The advertising prices

If you are opting for text ads on LinkedIn then you will be able to get that done at a per day spending of $10. Moreover the ad will appear in different places on the site in order to be creates an impact on the users. The ads are set up in image of 50 X 50 pixels and headline which is made up of 25 characters, whereas the body of the advertisement will cover 75 characters including the space. You can start with this one initially and then move on to explore other options.

Then there are other options like cost per click or CPC and Cost per 1000 impressions or CPM. The opportunities are unlimited it is just that you have to explore it to get to know which option will be best suited for your budget and which is making the most impact on your targeted customers. Variations in the ads are what people must be looking at and in order to track which is getting the most responses. You can take the help of Google Analytics to see which one is working and then improve on that so that you can get most number of clicks and also gain some leads for your profile.