How To Use Vimeo For Video Marketing

There is a huge viewer base of Vimeo and the number is still counting. It’s maybe not that huge when you compare it with that of YouTube, but it is still a good figure to draw in more and more users to use this platform for video marketing. It has more than 8 million users who are already registered with it and there are many who are on the verge of deciding for the platform.

Vimeo Video Marketing

The platform of Vimeo is not that old as compared to YouTube and that is why it is not fair to compare the two of them in terms of number of users. But when you compare the quality of the platform, then Vimeo is way ahead of YouTube even though Vimeo came into action quite late. It provides HD quality video and that is the reason people form world of art is getting attracted to this platform in huge number.

It is not only about hosting videos instead it is also an important meeting place of all the highly talented and knowledgeable people. Here lies another difference between Vimeo and YouTube as YouTube can never boast of knowledgeable viewers. In here you get the right quality of filmmakers along with the right opinions about videos.

Moreover, in order to provide the much needed exposure you can buy vimeo views easily. Though you get various good features in the free account, but in case you want to avail some more freedom in using the platform then the Plus account will be perfect for you.

Vimeo and its original content

Vimeo only allows uploading of original content therefore you can bid goodbye to all those movie clips and voice-overs. On YouTube you must have witnessed hundred thousand of video clips which are a take – off from various movies and some videos which has voice-overs of some famous movies.

It doesn’t make any sense because when you are promoting your business, you must come up with something that represents your business in the true sense, copying won’t take you too far. This is the reason the audience that you get on the platform of Vimeo is completely different from that of YouTube. Most people who are creatively inclined, loves to be on the platform of Vimeo because they know their work will be appreciated by people who are in here.

Vimeo makes its own rule

It doesn’t indulge in any advertising to get in the revenue pouring. Moreover, it makes sure it keeps its audience base restricted to knowledgeable person only. Getting the right feedback and creating an apt portfolio is the need of the hour. You can also Buy vimeo likes.

By doing so, you will be helping your business video gain momentum in drawing crowds. The portfolio is fully customizable; therefore you can bring in any changes in the portfolio depending on your requirement. So now it is up to you to decide whether you want a public portfolio or a private one with customized URLS.