How To Not Feel Hung-over On New Year’s Day?

Day after day the only problem we couldn’t find a cure of was that of feeling hung-over. We all know the feeling; it almost feels like someone has put a whole mountain on your head, for you to balance it and its like you will explode even if a pin drops on the floor. When the phone rings or the bell goes on ringing, all you want to do is lie in bed and not move and may be break open the electrical devices.

New Year Hung Over

The sun is the worst enemy as the ray which comes through the window makes us feel like a vampire, suddenly had been exposed to sunlight. The bathroom is our constant companion because all we are doing is cursing ourselves while puking all the junk out. But in this article, we will speak, in a detail that is, about all those hacks and tricks which might save you from turning into a zombie on the New Year’s Day.

Drink more

I know, I know, you are probably thinking that drinking more is a bad idea, but hear us out. When we say drink more we mean, drink a lot of water. Steer clear of the alcohol, when you re hung-over. It might numb you down and you might not feel the pan any more for the time, but once the intoxicating effect is done with, you will again have to face with the bad hangover. So the more water you drink the better it will be for you. The de-hydration which the alcohol causes will soon be taken care of and you will soon start feeling a lot better.

Indulge in some tangy taste- Lemon

Yes, it is a miracle. It will detoxify your body and will help you survive the bad hangover you are facing. Actually, when we are saying tangy, we might also include sports drink. Some of the sports drinks do have a tangy flavour to them and hence we can justify ourselves. Anyway, although you were not up playing a game or two, but your body feels like, it has been through some sort of a terrible adventure sport. So the more of the sports drink you will put into your body, the more re-hydrated it will be. You might have to go to the bathroom quite often, but it will help you in the long run.

Quit work

When hung-over, it is less likely that you can concentrate and so there is no point in going ahead and working. Instead sleep and sleep a little more. The sleep will give some respite from that pounding feeling in your head and it will also give your tired body some rest, thereby slowly curing the hangover. Yes, you might be a little more than groggy when you wake up next, but at least you will get rid of those painful sensations and now you will recover faster than you would have when you were awake and working.

Ginger or Ginger Ale

Chewing on some bits of ginger will help you to settle your stomach. You can buy ginger candies or make yourself some ginger tea, any which way, it will help you with the hangover. Or simply drink on that flat soda or ginger ale. You may thank us later for the miracle it will do for you.

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