How To Make A Fortune With Classified Ads?

One advantage with classified ads is they are easy to place, easy to write and are cheap. A simple follow up can lead to very high sales. Compared to most advertising, online classified ads are not interrupted. Again, those who read them are normally after services, information and product they are interested in. With the following easy steps, even a beginner can start making money.

Classified Ads

What should you sell?

Pay attention to classified ads belonging to other companies. Pay special attention to those that look good. These ads are offers for information, services and products. Ads show enthusiasm regarding the materials on offer.

The two- step approach

This requires you to place a classified ad that is short. This ad requires potential buyers to write in order to receive more details. Upon receiving an inquiry, you can now send details regarding the product on offer.

Do not charge in the classifieds

From a single ad, you will receive numerous responses as people seek free information. Since you are after gaining potential buyers, you will get more inquiries for the product you intend to sell later.

Placing your classified ads

Follow the leader for you to know where to place the ads. With proper research, you will be able to determine where products in your category have been selling. Especially for beginners, the product needs to have more appeal when compared to others. Stay with those in your category and follow their idea with regard to advertisement.


Testing is a crucial element when dealing with classified ads. In addition to finding out whether your material will sell, determining the best price is also important. As you perform the testing, perseverance is the key. Considering placing classified ads is very cheap, you must keep going until you get the desired profit.

Keying the Address

It is important to be able to tell the inquiry response is for a certain ad. By coding the street or company name you can identify the ad a certain response belongs to.

Writing Classifieds

It is easy for you to write a online electronic classifieds of your own. You do not have to be a professional or writer because only a few words are needed. This means you can be the expert when it comes to selling your product.

Saving money by placing ads

In general, classified ads tend to be billed as per word. This explains why you need to keep the words precise and important. Upon writing the ad, look at it closely. If possible, eliminate some words without altering the meaning.

You can make exceptionally high income through classified ads, even with limited sources. Ensure the product you sell is legitimate even if there is not special state or federal permit to allow you to engage in this business. Avoid being misleading or deceptive in advertising.