Everything You Need To Know About Christmas

Every church carries out worshiping ceremony on 25th December, even if it is Sunday or any other day. Mass is been held by Eastern Orthodox Church and Catholicism whereas Christmas worship is carried out by Protestantism.


The phase from 24th December evening to 25th December morning is known as the Christmas Eve. Choirs are been arranged by churches or by some of the believers. They sing the Christmas carols under the window of each household or near the gate. This is said to be “reporting good news” which means replica of the incident that’s when the angel reported the shepherd the excellent news of the birth of Jesus in community of Bethlehem in the same year.

This Reporting good news is called Christmas waits by the people and the activity is carried out till the end of the day. More and more people gather and come together for the celebration and even the sound becomes louder with passing times which load all the alley and street with music. Christmas carol is the anthem which is sung at Christmas.

Santa Claus

As per the myth, Santa Clause was previously a Bishop in Asia Minor at Myra city. His name was Nicholas. He is cherished as a saint after his death. A man with red cap and white beard in red robe is considered to be Santa Clause. Every year at Christmas he visits people on the toboggan which is pulled by deer from the north and enters the people house through chimney. He puts the gifts in front of the stove or into the stockings which are hunged at children’s bed head. Children wait for the surprise gift which they are supposed to get from Santa Clause.

Christmas tree

As per the tale, an cold and hungry child was received by the peasant at snowy and windy Christmas night. The peasant welcomed and entertained with splendid Christmas dinner. While leaving, the kid broke the branch of fir and fixed it on the ground to shower blessing on him. At this time of each year gifts will be dangled over the branches and also he left the attractive branch of fir to pay back his kindness.

As soon as the child left, it was found that the branch of the tree and now become a small tree. He knew that angel visited his place which was sent by god. Later these tales become the basis of the Christmas tree. Christmas trees are now decorated with variety of decoration material which is available easily. If you want to find how you can decorate a Christmas tree, check out happy Christmas 2015 blog.

Christmas cap

The Santa Clause cap comes in red color. This cap not only gives you the warmth and a good sleep, you may even get some surprise gifts from the lover next day. It even plays an vital role on the carnival night. It does not matter where you are at present, you will always find variety of red caps. Some will be shinning like gold or some of them will be bright at the top.

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